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Waterfalls of Grey Highlands

Eugenia Falls

A five minute walk along a path shaded by a heavy tree canopy brings visitors to the dramatic view of Eugenia Falls plugging 30 meters into the Cuckoo Valley gorge below.   Rich in history the falls once supported five mills and was the site of Ontario's second hydroelectric plant.  Also the site of a short lived "gold rush" which turned out go  be iron pyrite otherwise know as fool's gold.

Surrounded by the Bruce Trail there a number of short loop hikes to enjoy and experience the remains of the original hydro tunnel and mill.  Click the map below for directions.

Hogg's Falls

Hogg's Falls has long been considered the hidden gem of Grey Highlands, tucked away on the back country roads and hidden in the thick foliage, you hear the water falling long before you see the falls in its natural splendor. Fed by the Boyne River, this waterfall drops only 7 meters that is what makes it so attractive to explore top to bottom. 

Named for William Hogg  of the illustrious Hogg Family of York (whom Hogg's Hollow is named after in Toronto) the remains of previous industry remains at the site.

Click on the map below for directions.

Webwood Falls

The Webwood Falls Nature Reserve is a property that was donated by Mr. James Horwood, a long time supported of the Bruce Trail Conservancy and its namesake in honour of both his parents.  The one time homestead is now under permanent protection as part of the Bruce Trail Conservation Corridor.  Off the beaten path you can find the entrance at the curve in teh road where and old garage still stands which now makes effort to support the fleeting population of barn swallows. With trails on either side of the falls, it is surrounded by regenerating fields, mature Sugar Maple forest and several endangered fauna species. 

Exploring the surrounding trails you will come upon a viewing platform and the remains of perennial gardens from where the homestead once stood.  Click  here for directions.

Waterfalls of Grey County


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