The Treehouse Loft
Rental Policies

OCCUPANCY & PETS: The maximum overnight occupancy for The Loft is 2 people.  The tenant is welcome to entertain guests, however during COVID would ask to keep this very limited but must always ensure the overnight occupancy is never exceeded.  While we are animal lovers, to protect the premises for current and future occupants, we have a strict NO PETS policy.

WIFI: We offer wireless internet and have provided the network and password information within your suite.  While we hope you do not have any issues accessing the internet and have taken steps to ensure your uninterrupted access, we are not IT Technicians and our trouble shooting abilities do not extend beyond providing you with the access to the network.

LOFT KEYS: During your occupancy you will be provided with Loft keys.  Failure to return these items at the end of your rental term will result in a $50 charge. 

PARKING: The Loft has been allotted a single vehicle parking space for the unit.  Parking is perpendicular to the house to allow for 3 cars to park in front.  We ask that each tenant park their vehicle with courtesy to permit everyone room to park their vehicle.  Any additional cars of visitors need to park in manner to allow all tenants and owner to have parking priority. 

SMOKING & VAPING:  Smoking or vaping of any kind, including tobacco or cannabis inside the suite is not permitted.  The use of cannabis is not permitted anywhere on the property.

FIRE SAFETY:  The unit is equipped with smoke alarms for your safety.  There is a fire extinguisher located in the kitchen cabinet with instructions on how to use.

SUPPLIES & TOILETRIES:   The first roll is on us, but for the duration of the rental period other consumable products are the guest’s responsibility.

BEDROOM & BATHROOM LINENS: In most cases, guests provide their own facecloths, towels and bedding.  However, if guests are using those provided, we ask that caution be taken in their use as makeup, ink, food, wine, etc. can cause stains that cannot be removed.

HEAT & AIR CONDITIONING:  The Loft is heated by a gas, double sided fireplace which has a wall remote in the living room and a wall switch in the bedroom for control.  There is also an electric baseboard heater in the bathroom with a wall thermostat for control.  The fireplace has been programmed for day and night operations.  Operating instructions for the fireplace will be available in The Loft.  The stand-alone air conditioner unit in the Loft is situated in the living room area for you to set at your comfort level. 
A complete walk through of the systems will be done upon your arrival to ensure you are comfortable with how all the systems function.  Please contact us should you have any questions or issues in operating these systems. 

SYSTEMS & EQUIPMENT:  The loft is on a septic system, which relies on bacteria to break down the waste material, it is important that you don’t poison these micro-organisms. Even small amounts of paints, solvents, thinners, nail polish remover and other common household compounds flushed or poured down the drain can kill the bacteria that break down the organic matter in the wastewater.  
You must avoid putting anything into the septic system that doesn’t break down naturally or anything that takes a long time to break down. Materials such as oils, grease, and fat, disposable diapers, tampons and their holders, condoms, paper towels, facial tissues, plastics, cigarette filters, coffee grounds, egg shells, and other kitchen wastes, should never be put into the septic system.
The septic system cannot process anything but human waste and toilet paper. DO NOT USE FLUSHABLE WIPES.   It is very important not to flush anything else down the toilet such as feminine hygiene products or wrappers, baby wipes, q-tips, paper towel, tissue, any food items or any harsh cleaning products or chemicals such as nail polish remover. 

WELL WATER:  The property water source comes from a drilled well that has been installed by a Ontario Ministry of the Environment licensed contractor in compliance with Regulation 903 of the Ontario Water Resources Act.  The property is equipped with a water softening unit to reduce the impact of the natural minerals that occur in ground source water supplies, however the well water during different times of the year may have an odor due to the naturally occurring sulfur or iron content.  While the water is safe to drink and is tested regularly, you may choose to provide your own bottled drinking water.

KITCHENETTE:   The kitchenette includes a microwave, hot plate, toaster oven, kettle and Keurig hot beverage machine.  The use is somewhat limited to the preparation of small non-imposing meals and snacks.  It is not a full kitchen and does not have an exhaust fan to eliminate smoke, steam and odors.  Use of extra cooking appliances is generally not permitted but the guest may request an exception to this rule.

PROPANE GAS BBQ:  There is a guest exclusive use BBQ available and guests are required to keep it cleaned and cared for as if it were their own.  Onsite propane tanks may be used; however, before checking out, tanks must be replenished for future guests.

CLEANING, GARBAGE & RECYCLING:   Guests are expected to leave the premises in the same condition as when they arrived and are responsible for cleaning the unit regularly during their occupancy.  Failure to turn over the unit in the same clean and tidy condition may result in an extra cleaning charge.  Garbage and recycling must be set out in the appropriate container for collection on Mondays.

OUTDOOR FIRE PIT:   The fire pit located on the front lawn is a shared amenity and guests are welcome to use while following these use and safety protocols.

  • The wood and everything you need to start a fire is located behind the shed in a firewood shelter. Please ensure you close the curtain to keep the wood dry for future use.

  • Located in the firewood shelter you will find a container with wood starting supplies, a large iron fire poker and roasting sticks. Please ensure all items are returned clean and back in place.

  • Never leave the fire unattended. Always keep your fire under control and do not allow it to get too large.

  • When donefor the night, please spread the fire out with the fire poker and douse with water.

  • Do not leave food or litter outside, please clean up after each use.

OWNERS PERSONAL PROPERTY:  All inside and outside furnishings, fixtures, equipment and design elements including flooring, walls, doors and window coverings are the personal property of the owner of the home.  Guests are entrusted with these personal belongings and expected to care for them as if they were their own.  Any breakage, damage or loss must be reported to the owner right away. The guest is responsible to replace or pay for items broken, damaged or lost. 

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