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 The Story of the Treehouse Bed & Breakfast

Our story won the most romantic Bed & Breakfast story in January 2012 when I told the how the Treehouse Bed & Breakfast came to be.  All the Bed & Breakfast owners on BBCanada.com voted for the most romantic story and ours received the most votes.  It goes like this..........

 "Brent and I met through a singles phone line, which was the equivalent of online date sites back in 1999.  Starting my career in construction management it meant work days were sometimes over 10 hours long, leaving little time for dating people the usual way.  With some encouragement from my friend, I had placed a message on the singles phone line and was left several messages by guys to potentially date, all of whom sounded super creepy and made me question the whole process.  That is until I heard one message from this man who sounded so nice, and is the only one I ever got the courage up to call back.  That one and only person and I talked on the phone for hours and his name was Brent. 

We decided to meet in person and we talked even more.  Brent then started to talk about his cottage and I asked him where his cottage was, to which he replied Lake Eugenia.  I almost fell off my chair because I had a cottage growing up at Lake Eugenia.  Brent couldn't believe it when I told him, surely we must have been on opposite sides of the lake, after all it is a pretty big lake.  We started exchanging stories about our cottages and as it turned out my family cottage was along the same road and Brent and I had only been a short walk away from each other since we were both little kids. 

I told Brent about the tree house my sisters and I would go to by the road that was close to his family's cottage and how I remember that a boy tried to kick my sister and I out of that tree house because he said it was his.  That's when Brent told me he was that boy and recited the rest of the story back to me.

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We spent the rest of the night talking about how much we love Lake Eugenia and the whole area.  Sadly my parents sold our family cottage when I was 12 years old and had to leave.

Brent and I were married at Lake Eugenia on his parent's dock in 2002.  A year after we were married Brent started building our cottage on the lot next to his parent's place at Lake Eugenia.  We have two beautiful sons and Brent has built me a new tree house that we call The Treehouse Bed & Breakfast and I feel like I have returned home.  We love running our Bed and Breakfast and telling people why we call it our "Treehouse."  I feel I have come home again and will never leave it again.

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